Request for Credit Information

Please fill out this request for Ensign Credit Information, along with all fields completed and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. Please note, Ensign Natural Resources will only suppy Company Financial Details to those we find necessary to receive. Once the form is submitted we’ll email you the further with details.

  • Please provide the name of the Ensign representative that has requested to use your services, the type of services you provide as well as the locations you serve.

NOTE: ANY Supplier credit application forms or documents used for this purpose, will not constitute an Agreement between Supplier and Company, unless otherwise stated and agreed in writing by both parties. In the event credit is extended to Company, the terms and conditions for the service and or goods provided by Supplier, will follow the fully executed Master Services Agreement by and between Company and Supplier, which further delineates payment terms, rights and responsibilities. No additional alterations to any and all terms of the Master Service Agreement may be executed without written and accepted consent by Company and Supplier. In the case of conflict between the Credit Application and or any other document, it is agreed that the Master Services Agreement supersedes any and all other terms and conditions.